2015 Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Camera Sample Pictures

Here are some of the sample pictures from the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 as bought from Mi Malaysia. I purposely not trying to get a beautiful nor a bad shot. What I do here is just taking pictures normally with what I usually take pictures. So this would be a real usage scenario.
The pictures here are not edited other than just renaming the file.
Hope it can help you guys in anyway it can!

Xiaomi Redmi Note LTE teased in Beijing – 10grams lighter and LTE equipped

Xiaomi has revealed its upgrade of the Redmi Note to LTE version.  Now it comes with a 10 grams lighter body and of course,  the LTE module. The battery remains 3,100mAh for long life daily usage and the screen also remains at 5.5 inch 720p. If the Redmi Note LTE comes with 1080p, I think it can blew its competitors out of the water. 


Best launcher for Xiaomi Mi3 – Nova Launcher + Moonshine icon pack

Xiaomi Mi3 comes with its default MIUI launcher that focuses on simplicity and hence removing the app drawer on its homescreen.
Based on the stock Android, app drawer for me is a good feature to keep your page tidy. I personally like to have this feature on the Mi3.
After trying few launchers on the market, I must admit that the best is in fact the most popular launcher on the Play Store, that is Nova Launcher.
Why Nova Launcher?
1. It is fast.
2. You can make it faster by disabling the animation!
3. It eats sooo little RAM
4. You can choose few readily available icon pack like the Kit Kat icons
5. Customisation is plentiful
6. The stock icons like the email, dialer and messaging support full HD icons so the icons looks very sharp.

Then, I choose the Moonshine icon pack which is also on Play Store, to get the 2014 material design icons.

So far, the experience of using Nova Launcher and Moonshine really makes the Mi3 feels much better and more refined.

This is based on my experience using the Xiaomi Mi3 + Nova Launcher + Moonshine. Correct me if I’m wrong on any part of the article written. Hope it helps!