Solved: iPhone 4 apps can’t launch and crashes after updating to iOS5

 I have updated my iPhone 4 that I have bought from DiGi few months ago to iOS5. At first, it works well, but after a while, I notice that I can’t launch some of the apps like Remember The Milk, Facebook and CF Mild Elements. All the apps are my commonly used apps that I really use everyday. Not able to use it might kills my productivity.
Also, I can see the audio, video and photos on my iTunes that is read from iPhone 4, but it is NOT showing or available on my iPhone 4.
So, this what I do and yes, it SOLVED the problems:

 STEP 1: Backup your iPhone first. Connect your iPhone, wait until it appears on iTunes and right-click on it and choose ‘Back Up’.

STEP 2: Click ‘Restore’ on the iTunes info page about your iPhone. Follow the instruction. iTunes will also ask you whether you want to back up before restoring your iPhone. So, please back up a little bit.

STEP 3: After the restoring process is done, right-click on the iPhone on your iTunes and choose ‘Restore from Backup’. Usually there is an iTunes info page about your iPhone that asks whether you want to restore from backup or not. Please check the date of the backup data and make sure it refers to the backup that you have made in the step 1.

My iPhone 4 works perfectly after I do the restore. iOS5 really rocks!

Note: I’m writing this just to help if you guys encounter same problem with me. I’m just sharing. I hope, if there are something wrong somewhere, you guys can just share along with me in the comment section.

You are invited to comment and hopes it will be helpful to others.

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