White iPhone 4 is Coming To DiGi!

White iPhone 4 is Coming To DiGi

Register your interest at DiGi website now.

I just bought the black iPhone 4 previously from DiGi and black and white is my favourite colour. White is desirable colour to have.

Check it out here

How to Buy iPhone 4 from DiGi if you already have Postpaid Plan from Celcom or Maxis

I have recently bought an iPhone 4 from DiGi at DiGi Center in BBT One, Lebuh Batu Nilam 2, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang, Selangor. The customer service there are very nice and they have well enough information about the iPhone 4, the plans and how to get it.

This is the steps needed to get an iPhone 4 from DiGi, if you currently on other network provider. In my case I port my number from Celcom to DiGi.

1. You need to go to the DiGi Center to book your iPhone and port your phone number using MNP.
I recommend you to go the DiGi Center BBT One early in the morning (9am) on Tuesday, because that is the day when the fresh iPhone 4 16GB and iPhone 32GB arrives.

2. Fill the form of MNP to port your phone number and you will be given a new sim card from DiGi. At this stage you don’t have to pay anything. Also, you don’t have to change your sim card straight away, but you need to wait until your phone show no network available. This might takes up to 48 hours as told by DiGi representative, so, you can go home and wait. In my case, the porting only needs less than 10 hours.

3. When your phone shows no network available, change the sim card to the sim card provided by DiGi. From the moment I went to DiGi Center, registering for the MNP plan, waiting for the port-in and replacing the sim card, I have never missed out any call or having difficulty in using my phone to make calls or send messages. Everything works seamlessly. One more thing, using DiGi network are great since there are no annoying ‘Call Forwarding’ pop up messages that I have encounter when I was on Celcom network.

4. After the port-in is successful, you need to go again to the DiGi Center that you have registered earlier to get your iPhone 4. This is due to the fact that this specific DiGi Center have the iPhone that you have booked earlier. In my case, I went to the DiGi Center the next day on 12pm and to my surprises, iPhone 4 16GB and 32GB are sold out already! Hehe, but I have booked an iPhone 16GB earlier, so, my phone is there kept in safe place.

5. To get your booked iPhone 4, you need to pay RM2090 for the iPhone 16GB or RM2490 for the 32GB using either cash or credit card. In my case, I asked to pay RM1000 using credit card and RM1090 using cash, but, this is not accepted. Luckily, there is Maybank branch in front of the DiGi Center BBT One. So, I just credit my cash to my credit card and the payment for the iPhone 4 16GB successfully done at the DiGi Center.

6. After payment has been done, your DiGi representative will go to the store and pick up your iPhone 4.

7. Activation needs to be done on-the-spot, so, there is no chance that you can get your iPhone 4 with the plastic package unopened.

8. After the activation has done, you can take your iPhone 4 and smile on your way out from the DiGi Center. Remember to remove the front plastic cover on your iPhone 4 face as the speaker hole is being covered with it, so you can’t hear any sound from the earpiece hole.

9. iPhone 4 from DiGi are great! I’m one happy DiGi customer and I’m not related to DiGi marketing team. Also, I’m not yellow.

Questions that are in my mind before buying the iPhone 4 from DiGi:
1. Do DiGi have ready-stock iPhone 4?
Yes, they do have it every Tuesday. Other than that day, it is going to be sold-out.

2. How much do I really really need to pay upfront?
Just RM2090 for 16GB and RM2490 for iPhone 4 32GB. No other payment is needed. This is true as this is what happens to me. I just pay RM2090 for the iPhone 4 16GB and I don’t even have to pay the 4% credit card charge when using credit card to pay for it.

3. Is iPhone 4 plan from DiGi better than the iPhone 4 Maxis plan?
IMHO, yes. No bill shock if you exceed the quota. Even though the Maxis iPhone 4 are much cheaper upfront, there will be subsequent charge of 10sen/10kb if you exceed the quota. The good thing about Maxis is that it is, ‘Broadband without Speed Limit’. Means that there are no throttling down the speed like what DiGi do when you exceed the quota to just 128kbps. DiGi, on the other hand, provide DiGiMusic app from the iTunes store whereby you can download unlimited amount of music with just RM5/month with free 1st month trial. With just RM58/month (if you opt for auto-debit), DiGi is definitely the cheapest iPhone 4 plan with the iDiGi plan. Anyway, the contract is for 24-month and RM400 if you decide to cancel the plan after registration.

4. Is iPhone 4 better than the HTC Desire HD?
IMHO, yes. Everything about the iPhone is high quality and I’m very surprised with the fastness of iPhone 4 camera. The HD video 720p are also amazing compared to my previous Nokia X6. HTC Desire HD are also good, but, my preference is to the iPhone 4. Your taste might differ and you can beg to differ.

*IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

For more info: http://www.digi.com.my/iphone/index.html

How to Get Free Ringtones for Your iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4

Nakko.com website

Anyone with an iPhone whatever version it is, will definitely want to change the default ringtone to their personal favourite.
I have found out a way for it.
Here are the steps:
1. Surf to www.nakko.com
2. Register yourself there (don’t login using the OpenID, you need to register at Nakko itself)
3. Choose your ringtones there or upload your own!

Celcom Malaysia 3G MMS Configuration for iPhone 3G with Screenshot Guidance

Network setting page

Camera icon on the left side of the message box

1. Go to Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data Network.

2. Modify the settings to like below:

APN: celcom3g
MMSC: http://mms.celcom.net.my

Proxy MMS:

If you are using prepaid or Celcom line without 3g, this is the settings:
APN: mms.celcom.net.my
MMSC: http://mms.celcom.net.my
Proxy MMS:

After that, restart your iPhone.
If everything is okay, your iPhone will show the camera icon next to the message box whenever you open the message.

For more information, you can check out the settings at Celcom Xpax homepage here.


iPhone Newbie: What Are The Most Essential Apps That You Need To Install

The very first thing that you need to do is to jailbreak you iPhone. When you have done this, you will have Cydia and Installer icon in your screen.
So, here are the most essential apps that you need to install:
1. Boss Prefs
This app is the combination of all toggle that you can think of including 3G toggle, EDGE toggle, AutoCorrect toggle and much more. So, you don’t have to go to Settings each time you just want to switch of 3G or others.

2. Caller ID Fix 2.1 or 2.2
Depends on your firmware, you need to install Caller ID Fix 2.1 for firmware 2.1 and so on. What this app will do is to correct the phone number so that when somebody calls you, you can see their name on the iPhone.

3. iBlacklist
You can switch off SMS preview here. But in firmware 2.2, you can switch it off in Settings. For 2.1, you need to use this app.

4. ACToggle for Boss Prefs
This is Boss Prefs addon so you can add one more toggle to Boss Prefs that will enable you to turn off AutoCorrect, but in firmware 2.2, you can turn it off in Settings. For firmware 2.1, you need to use this addon.

5. SBSettings
This app enables you to quick open settings toggle by swiping your finger from top left to right. Then you can turn off and on any toggle without leaving your opened app such as Maps.

6. LockDown
I use to lock my phone using Passcode. But each time I slide to unlock, I need to enter my passcode and that is a hassle to me. So, by using LockDown, you can lock certain app that is available on your screen individually.

7. Swirly MMS
Some people say iPhone can’t send and receive MMS.

Less essential:
1. Winterboard
This app will enable you to change the default iPhone theme to wide choice of theme available in Cydia.

NOTE: All this apps are from Cydia, that is only available if you jailbreak your iPhone. This apps are valid for iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G.

How To Remove iPhone Call Forwarding Notification When Making A Call

One thing that I hate when using any handphone(iPhone included) is the pop-up message about the call forwarding notification. On my previous phone that is Sony Ericsson, the pop-up is dismissed after few seconds but for the iPhone, you need to press the ‘Dismiss’ button.
So, how to remove this Call Forwarding Active notification?

1. Download and install ‘iBlacklist’ app from Cydia. Use search from the bottom Cydia menu.
2. Open iBlacklist, scroll down and click ‘Extras’.

3. In the Extras menu, turn on Call Forward Privacy.

4. That’s all.
Note: After you exit by hitting the Home button, iBlacklist will respring your Springboard. Wait a moment and you are to use iPhone without Call Forwarding Active notification anymore!

How To Install 2.2 Apps to 2.1 Firmware

Some apps are made to be only available for the newest 2.2 firmware. But don’t worry, you can get it to work in 2.1 firmware using the method I’m going to tell you here.
1. Download the FWChanger from Cydia. Use the search menu then write “FW”.

2. Then, open the app.
3. In Firmware section, write “2.2” and in the Build section, write “5G77”.
4. Then, click “Set Custom Firmware”.
5. If everything is ok, you will be able to install 2.2 apps to your 2.1 firmware.

iPhone Error 1600 after Firmware 2.2 to Firmware 2.1 Downgrade

Just a moment ago, I have upgrade my iPhone 3G to firmware 2.2. My iPhone is the jailbreak version. I thought everything is okay when I upgrade it, but when I upgrade to 2.2, my iPhone can’t detect my network which is available when I’m using 2.1.
So, this is what I did:
1. Downgrade it to 2.1 again, but then I get error 1600 when I try to restore from DFU mode. This is crazy.
2. Next, what I did is to remove my SIM PIN lock(using another phone) and try to restore using normal method(recovery mode) without DFU mode. Note: if you are stuck in DFU mode, hold Power+Home for 10 sec and them power it on again normally using power button.
3. Then, I restore it to the backup that is date that dated before the 2.2 upgrade. Now, everything is fine!

Here is what I can deduce after my research on the net about iPhone error 1600:
1. This happens only to iTunes 8.0 and later.
2. This happens to jailbroken iPhone with the custom firmware(whether 2.1 or 2.2).
3. This happens when you try to restore your iPhone using DFU mode.
If the reason are like above, read below.

The solution that can be done is:
1. Downgrade iTunes 8.0 to iTunes 7.7. Here is the torrent link for Windows XP
2. Get a custom firmware (torrent this) or make your own custom firmware using Pwnage Tool for Mac.
3. DFU your iPhone the restore using iTunes 7.7 that you have DL’ed.
4. Even if you are on Mac OS X, you can just boot camp your Mac, then install the iTunes 7.7.

That’s all. Hope that can solve your problem about iPhone error 1600!
For more information, you can check the Apple support here.