Samsung Galaxy Note7 Pre-order has Arrived in Malaysia – what’s inside?

The pre-order package of Samsung Galaxy Note7 in Malaysia has arrived and I have picked up mine. The total pre-order price is RM2,879.10 (10% discount from RM3,199.00)
Lets check out what items are there:
Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Travel Adapter worth RM139
Samsung Wireless Charger Fast Charge worth RM279
Samsung 10,200mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack (Power bank) worth RM368!!!
Extra information:
The Note7 in Malaysia is DUOS, meaning that this one is Dual-Sim Note7
Just lucky to pre-order the Silver Titanium colour which is the one I really want. No special technique used, I also encounter slow page load and error. As I said, just lucky.
The time taken to finish all the process of queuing from 1:20pm, confirmation of information of the paper printed from the email and payment takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
The Note7 is picked up at KTS Cellular, AEON Bukit Raja, which is the Samsung Authorized Dealer. Many Samsung devices are on display and to be tested there.
Special thanks to Mr Lai of KTS Cellular for a superb customer service. I have a problem with my email printout since I only print out 1 out of 2 pages. He calmly asked me to used the laptop there to print out the email again at the spot. The process is swift even though it takes more than 1 hour, this is due to the queue, not to the buying process.
Hope this article can answer some of your question and enquiry about the Samsung Galaxy Note7 pre-order in Malaysia. THIS IS NOT PAID BY SAMSUNG.

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