How to Fix Huawei Honor 3C notification problem

Figure 1: Screenshot of Power Saving
There are few reasons why you have notification problems on your Honor 3C. Maybe you have no notification light/LED blinking when you receive a notification, maybe the notification doesn’t appear on your notification bar or you only get the notification when you open the app (eg; Whatsapp).
Here are the solution of the problem that I strongly believe will help you to get the notification back.
1. Refer to Figure 1 above, click Protected apps. Choose the apps that you want to keep alive in background. This will make the apps stays alive even when your screen is locked.
2. Change the Power Saving mode to Normal. When you first get your phone, the Power Saving Mode is Smart, which actually makes your phone to switch off the notification light/LED and also kill some apps that is in background (eg; Whatsapp). This is why your phone only shows notifitication when you open the apps. You open Whatsapp, then only the message gets to your phone. So, choose Normal.
3. One more thing that you need to do is to go to Notification Manager. Browse to the apps (eg; Whatsapp) and choose Allow. Ok, what the difference between Allow, Notify and Restrict. 
Allow – you are allowing the apps to show notification on your notification bar.
Notify – you’ll see the notification of the apps appear on notification bar and you can choose from there whether to Allow or Restrict.
Restrict – no notification of the apps appear on notification bar.
BTW, if you are asking what is notification bar, it is the bar on the top that have the signal, battery percentage and clock.

Figure 2 – Look for the Notification Manager

I hope my writing here can help you with your problem. I appreciate if you could comment if it solved your problem.

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