Samsung Galaxy S II by DiGi: Is it worth it?

DiGi has just released a promotion for Samsung Galaxy S II. You might be thinking what the heck am I posting this thing to a page that is specific to iPhone. Well, I’m open-minded person and didn’t close my eyes something that is different that what I’m using now (iPhone 4).
Is this Samsung Galaxy S II by DiGi a good offer? Lets see what DiGi promotion really works in real life:

1. The price is RM1767 if you buy it online from DiGi Online Store with 24-month contract using the DG Smart Plan 68 or 12-month contract at RM1867.
If you choose the DG Smart Plan 48 for 12-month or 24-month, the price is RM1697.
2. It doesn’t matter whether you choose black or white SGS II since the price is the same.
3. That price include the Advance Payment and Misc Fees, but all this amount will be credited back to your first month bill. No worries about that.
4. Does SGS II from DiGi really worth it? For me, the answer is yes. I have been using iPhone 4 from DiGi with iDiGi plan. I only need to pay monthly at RM65 maximum with unlimited Internet. Even though the iDiGi plan only give 1GB of bandwidth, iDiGi never charges extra for extra bandwidth that I use. iDiGi will limit the speed to 128kbps for the extra bandwidth that I use.
5. So, is it really worth it? Yes, if you are a frequent Facebookers, blogger, Flickrer or plain Internet addict, this might be the best plan to you. But, if you are a frequent downloader (or torrenter), this is perfectly NOT good to you. Hehe. This is based on my opinion only and I’m not yellow or related to DiGi.