How To Remove iPhone Call Forwarding Notification When Making A Call

One thing that I hate when using any handphone(iPhone included) is the pop-up message about the call forwarding notification. On my previous phone that is Sony Ericsson, the pop-up is dismissed after few seconds but for the iPhone, you need to press the ‘Dismiss’ button.
So, how to remove this Call Forwarding Active notification?

1. Download and install ‘iBlacklist’ app from Cydia. Use search from the bottom Cydia menu.
2. Open iBlacklist, scroll down and click ‘Extras’.

3. In the Extras menu, turn on Call Forward Privacy.

4. That’s all.
Note: After you exit by hitting the Home button, iBlacklist will respring your Springboard. Wait a moment and you are to use iPhone without Call Forwarding Active notification anymore!

How To Install 2.2 Apps to 2.1 Firmware

Some apps are made to be only available for the newest 2.2 firmware. But don’t worry, you can get it to work in 2.1 firmware using the method I’m going to tell you here.
1. Download the FWChanger from Cydia. Use the search menu then write “FW”.

2. Then, open the app.
3. In Firmware section, write “2.2” and in the Build section, write “5G77”.
4. Then, click “Set Custom Firmware”.
5. If everything is ok, you will be able to install 2.2 apps to your 2.1 firmware.

iPhone Error 1600 after Firmware 2.2 to Firmware 2.1 Downgrade

Just a moment ago, I have upgrade my iPhone 3G to firmware 2.2. My iPhone is the jailbreak version. I thought everything is okay when I upgrade it, but when I upgrade to 2.2, my iPhone can’t detect my network which is available when I’m using 2.1.
So, this is what I did:
1. Downgrade it to 2.1 again, but then I get error 1600 when I try to restore from DFU mode. This is crazy.
2. Next, what I did is to remove my SIM PIN lock(using another phone) and try to restore using normal method(recovery mode) without DFU mode. Note: if you are stuck in DFU mode, hold Power+Home for 10 sec and them power it on again normally using power button.
3. Then, I restore it to the backup that is date that dated before the 2.2 upgrade. Now, everything is fine!

Here is what I can deduce after my research on the net about iPhone error 1600:
1. This happens only to iTunes 8.0 and later.
2. This happens to jailbroken iPhone with the custom firmware(whether 2.1 or 2.2).
3. This happens when you try to restore your iPhone using DFU mode.
If the reason are like above, read below.

The solution that can be done is:
1. Downgrade iTunes 8.0 to iTunes 7.7. Here is the torrent link for Windows XP
2. Get a custom firmware (torrent this) or make your own custom firmware using Pwnage Tool for Mac.
3. DFU your iPhone the restore using iTunes 7.7 that you have DL’ed.
4. Even if you are on Mac OS X, you can just boot camp your Mac, then install the iTunes 7.7.

That’s all. Hope that can solve your problem about iPhone error 1600!
For more information, you can check the Apple support here.